Featuring Eve Sussman / Misha Libman
Left: Snark.art | © Julien Gremaud

Left: Snark.art | © Julien Gremaud

Snark.art | © Julien Gremaud

Snark.art | © Julien Gremaud

89 seconds Atomized shatters the final artist’s proof of Eve Sussman’s video 89 seconds at Alcázar* into 2,304 unique blocks, to create an artwork available on the blockchain that is shared between the community who acquire the atoms. An experiment in ownership and collective interaction, the piece is reassembled here, borrowing the atoms currently available. Since 1372 atoms are on loan to the concurrent exhibition Cryptopong in Copenhagen, here we see 931 atoms rendered in their correct position with the atoms that are on loan on Denmark replaced by randomized cloans of the 931 atoms borrowed from the wallets of Eve Sussman and curator Nina Roehrs.

*89 Seconds at Alcázar is a continuous, seamlessly looping video that reimagines the spaces and the characters in Diego Velazquez’s painting Las Meninas. It was first shown at the 2004 Whitney Biennial. 

Eve Sussman works with film, video, installation and performance. Her projects experiment with the tropes of filmmaking, attempting to push the envelope of the medium, utilizing algorithmic editing, improvised scripting, VJ software, channelled movement and in the case of 89 seconds Atomized, blockchain. She often collaborates with Simon Lee. Their co-creations include live multi-screen theatrical events, (radioOradio), ad-hoc performances (All the reporters laughed and took pictures) and film installations (No food No money No jewels). Atoms of 89 seconds Atomized are in international collections, including The Whitney Museum, which also owns the original video 89 seconds at Alcázar.


89 seconds Atomized, 2018
MP4, Non-Fungible Token ERC-721, 1/1s
Each token (or “atom”) contains a unique 9:44 minute 20×20 pixel video fragment of the original artwork ’89 seconds at Alcázar’. 
931 unique atoms of the original 2,304 atoms minted. Each atom = 400 pixels.
Platform: https://snark.art/89seconds